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2021/09/03· 17-7PH?, or Type 631 (UNS S17700), is a chromium-nickel-aluminum Precipitation Hardening Stainless Steel used in spring applications for numerous industries.. The alloy offers corrosion resistance comparable to 302, but it can achieve higher strength after precipitation hardening due to aluminum additions.

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17-7 PH? (UNS S17700) in Coil Form. Description. 17-7 PH? is a chromium-nickel-aluminum precipitation hardening stainless steel that provides high strength and hardness and a moderate level of corrosion resistance up to 600?F. This grade can be easily formed in the austenitic condition similar to Type 301 stainless steel and hardened to high

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Grade 17-7PH, Type 17-7PH, Inox 17-7PH, AISI 17-7PH, AISI 631, SUS 631, 1.4568, UNS S17700, Acero 17-7PH. Contact If you want to buy 17-7PH stainless steel products, please contact the RIGHT supplier - CIVMATS to get

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17-7 PH (1.4568, UNS S17700) is an austenitic-martensitic precipitation hardening stainless steel developed on the basis of 18-8CrNi, also known as controlled phase change stainless steel. The characteristics of 17-7PH alloy are that it can be heat treated to...

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ATI Allegheny Ludlum AL 17-4 High Strength Stainless Steel, UNS S17400 35 ATI Allegheny Ludlum AL 17-7 High Strength Stainless Steel, UNS S17700 36 Ametek 17-4 P/M Process, Sintered at 2050 F …

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Dura range products are sold as solution annealed and then age hardened for use in applications that require hardness and a higher corrosion resistance than carbon steel can offer. These products are applicable to everything from high quality knives and scalpels all the way to aircraft landing gear. The precipitation hardening products are

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2021/10/27· Product Specifications By Form. ATI 17-7? Alloy is typically supplied in the solution annealed condition. The mechanical properties in this condition are 150 ksi (1,034 MPa) max. tensile strength, 55 ksi (379 MPa) max. yield strength, 20% min. elongation, and a maximum hardness of 92 HRBW. The mechanical properties of material precipitation


S17700,631 SUS631 X7CrNi17-7 X7CrNi17-7,1.4568 09X17H7IO 139 S51570 07Cr15Ni7Mo2AL 0Cr15Ni7Mo2AL S15700,632-X8CrNiMoAL15-7-2 X8CrNiMoAL15-7-2,1.4532-140 S51240 07Cr12Ni4Mn5Mo3AL 0Cr12Ni4Mn5Mo3AL

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Central to our reputation for precision are our engineering and manufacturing capabilities, including: Z-high mill and Sendzimir mills for production of strip and foil from .0005" to .075" in thickness and in widths up to 15" maximum. We also roll ultra-thin foils as thin as .000060" and in widths up to 4". Computer-controlled gauging systems

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Stainless martensitic steel 17-7PH, UNS S17700, 1.4568 / X7CrNiAl17-7 - sheets, plates, bars, strips and wires Heat treatment of 17-7PH, S17700, AISI 631: Cond. A - Saturation at 1065 O C Cond. TH1050 - Saturation at 1400 F (760 C) for 1.5 hours, cooled for 1 hour to 55 F (15 C) for 0.5 hours, then aged at 1050 F (566 C) for 1.5 hours

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2020/05/30· UNS S17700 (17-7 PH, Alloy 631) Stainless Steel. S17700 stainless steel is a precipitation-hardening stainless steel formulated for primary forming into wrought products. S17700 is the UNS number for this material. 17-7 PH is the common industry name. It can have the lowest ductility among the wrought precipitation-hardening stainless steels in

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We can produce the UNS S17700 has the following specifications: Round bar steel: 1mm to 3000mm Square-shape steel: 1mm to 2000mm Plate steel:0.1mm to 2500mm Width: 10mm to 2500mm Lenth: We can supply any lenth based on the customer's requirement.

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Title UNS S17700 Chemical Composition, Mechanical Properties, Heat Treatment, UNS S17700 Datasheets, UNS S17700Supplier Author Pan Bao - solew@qq Subject UNS S17700 Datasheets Keywords UNS S17700

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There are 16 equivalent materials for ASTM A705 Grade S17700 Stainless Steel. See the equivalents for ASTM, DIN, AISI, SAE, EN and UNS. ASTM A313 Grade S17700 ASTM A564 Grade S17600 ASTM A564 Grade S17700 ASTM

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UNS AISI 1.4305 X8CrNiS18-9 303 1.4570-303Cu 1.4310 X10CrNi18-8 302 1.4301 X5CrNi18-10 304 1.4541 X6CrNiTi18-10 321 1.4307 X2CrNi18-9 304L 1.4306 X2CrNi19-11 304L 1.4567 X3CrNiCu18-9-4 304Cu 1.4560 X3CrNiCu 19


Barra maciza redonda en aleaciones de níquel / titanio / cobre Aleación Normas Diámetro estandar UNS No DIN ASTM B2 N 10665 2.4617 B-335 hasta 200mm …

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2019/07/22· S17700是以18-8CrNi为基础发展起来的奥氏体-马氏体沉淀硬化不锈钢 材料号:S17700标准:UNS、ASTM、AISI 化学成分: 碳 C:≤0.09 锰 Mn:≤1.00 镍 Ni:6.50~7.75 硅 Si:≤1.00 磷 P:≤0.040 硫 S:≤0.030 铬 Cr:17.00~18